“Clearcreek Chapel Watch” Fulfills Longstanding Promise to Clearcreek Elders

In response to a website erected by my missionary son in law to confront the Clearcreek elders, they sent me an email that included the following statement:

These are the facts. Therefore, you must correct your representation of this on the website, with people you have emailed, written to or had conversations with. We will give you until 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 11, 2008, to ;1) put the exact, unedited, uncommented on correct chronology on your website and to (2) email everyone who received your email with the exact, unedited, uncornmented on correct chronology and an acknowledgment that it is in fact, correct.

And this was my response:

To the contrary, I have a duty to warn others about you and the elders. This includes those who are there and anybody who may arrive. The website will be expanded to include all relevant documents that clearly illustrate your deception in this matter. The Clearcreek elders have made this a public matter within the Church as well as a public matter in the world by counseling my wife to take me to court. The premise for divorce was based on my decision to leave the Chapel. The charges as stated in the divorce papers are now a matter of public record. This is a serious matter.




Statement From TANC Ministries on Clearcreek Chapel Marriage Counseling

To whom it may concern:

We have been counseling redacted for several months regarding Clearcreek Chapel’s* interference in his marriage with redacted. Unfortunately, redacted is among a long list of people we have counseled over several years who have experienced the same pattern of abusive attempts by the Clearcreek Chapel leadership to control their lives.

The pattern is the same: the Chapel leadership rejects all ability by any individual to ascertain truth for themselves and claims all authority over the lives of individual members. Redacted has been told repeatedly by Chapel leadership that redacted is “dwelling in darkness” as well as a plethora of other slanderous accusations.

If redacted believes that redacted is “dwelling in darkness,” this effectively invalidates redacted as her husband and voids any notion that an actual marriage exists apart from the marriage contract. On either wise, the Chapel has no right to interfere with how redacted perceives her husband or the marriage contract.

Therefore, we have counseled redacted that the Chapel has destroyed his marriage. If there is any hope for this marriage, it will entail the right and duty of redacted and redacted to think for themselves and pursue the wisdom of multiple counselors (Proverbs 15:22). Clearly, the Chapel leadership claims sole authority over truth and rejects all independent thinking that would seek other perspectives. Repeatedly, this ministry receives testimony of Chapel leadership rejecting the plain sense of Scripture and common sense while demanding complete obedience to their self-proclaimed authority over the lives of members.

We pray that redacted will see what is self-evident and biblical; that God has given people the ability to seek truth per their own conscience and the freedom thereof. In fact, the Bible makes it clear that we are individually culpable before God regarding the sum and substance of our own lives.

Moreover, we have counseled redacted to seek legal counsel regarding the Chapel’s interference in his marriage contract, and unless redacted ceases in her betrayal of that contract, any endeavor to remain married to her will be a miserable existence in contrast to Christians being called to a life of peace.

Please consider; in regard to redacted desiring to be a better person as we all do, the Chapel leadership claims complete authority over that as well. They have made it clear that they will only speak well of redacted to redacted if he completely abandons every notion that he can think for himself.

We find this wholly unacceptable and the epitome of cultish ideology.

TANC Ministries


*Clearcreek Chapel located in Springboro, Ohio.