Paul M. Dohse Sr.

Paul Dohse is the author of “The Truth About New Calvinism: It’s History, Doctrine, and Character.” It is the first published book worldwide on the doctrine and history of the contemporary Neo-Calvinist movement. He committed his life to Jesus Christ in 1983, and has served the church in various capacities since then. He was a Reformed pastor and has held to Reformation theology for most of his Christian life. After the completion of his work that culminated four years of research on the New Calvinism movement, and during continued research for the second volume of The Truth About New Calvinism, he discovered that New Calvinism is an actual recovery of Reformation doctrine and also exemplifies its character in almost every way. Paul Dohse believes the church has been greatly misled in regard to Reformation history, doctrine, and character. He also believes that this misrepresentation is having a profound negative effect on the American church.

Paul is also the author of It’s Not About Election, False Reformation: Four Tenets of Luther and Calvin’s Egregious False Gospel, and The Reformation Myth. Future book projects include the second volume of TTANC, and a work on the history of the biblical counseling movement. Paul writes for Paul’s Passing Thoughts .com which primarily addresses trends in Neo-Calvinism. Paul pastors his family at home via the upstart Potter’s House, and is the director of TTANC L.L.C., a think tank on Reformed doctrine and ideology. Paul’s primary ministry focus has been research on the Reformation since 2007, and has served God’s people full time in that capacity for three years.