Clearcreek Counseling

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The Cat is Out of the Bag: Biblical Counseling isn’t About Change

An Open Letter to the President of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors

Why Jay Adams Had to be Neutralized by the New Calvinists

Biblical Counseling as Cover-up: Professional Courtesy Among Reformed Pastors is Epidemic

NANC’s Salvation by Working at Doing Nothing

The Only Real Difference Between First and Second Generation Biblical Counseling is Romans 8:30

Ultimately, Intentional Active Obedience Cannot Be Denied As Curative in Counseling

What Does Gospel Sanctification “Look Like” in Counseling?

Gospel Sanctification Counseling: Part 2

Gospel-Driven Counseling Part 3: Clouds Without Water, and Nine Reasons Why “Redemptive” Counseling Can’t Help Troubled Christians

Sanctification: Where is the Battleground? Heart, or Flesh?


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