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“Clearcreek Chapel Watch” Fulfills Longstanding Promise to Clearcreek Elders

In response to a website erected by my missionary son in law to confront the Clearcreek elders, they sent me an email that included the following statement:

These are the facts. Therefore, you must correct your representation of this on the website, with people you have emailed, written to or had conversations with. We will give you until 5:00 PM on Saturday, October 11, 2008, to ;1) put the exact, unedited, uncommented on correct chronology on your website and to (2) email everyone who received your email with the exact, unedited, uncornmented on correct chronology and an acknowledgment that it is in fact, correct.

And this was my response:

To the contrary, I have a duty to warn others about you and the elders. This includes those who are there and anybody who may arrive. The website will be expanded to include all relevant documents that clearly illustrate your deception in this matter. The Clearcreek elders have made this a public matter within the Church as well as a public matter in the world by counseling my wife to take me to court. The premise for divorce was based on my decision to leave the Chapel. The charges as stated in the divorce papers are now a matter of public record. This is a serious matter.